Get Invited to Our Launch!

  • Vendor Requirements

    Artist Caravan

    Create, drive, sell, repeat.

    Your awesome art will be creatively merchandised in your vehicle. Once our caravan arrives on site, you are free to promote, network and sell.

    Contact us for an application. Artist/ vendor slots are limited, and the number of vendors chosen varies per show. The items must be hand made / designed by a local artisan. No mass produced items, artwork allowed.


    Please provide pictures and a description of your work when submitting your application. All types of artwork and crafts are welcome.

    Become a vendor

    Our event fee is $29.00 per vendor per show. The fee is due 48 hours prior to our show. We also periodically offer one man/ woman shows in our mobile flex gallery. Please email us for additional requirements and information.

    Demos, classes and projects

    In addition to driving your vehicle in our caravan, and selling your wares, we also have opportunities for artists who wish to perform demos and teach small classes.

    we will also have additional ongoing collaborative projects onsite. 

    Check in often

    We will be posting weekly events on our calendar. Once you have been approved

    to participate, you will be issued an personal ID to apply to any events that you wish to be considered for.


    1. What types of artwork is allowed?

    Answer: All art and crafts that are not illegal, dangerous or offensive are allowed.

     2. How are vendors chosen?

    Answer: We try to provide a balanced assortment or wares for our community to enjoy. Placement is not guaranteed.

    3. Are the event fees only $29.00?

    Answer: Yes we do not charge additional fees or collect a percentage of vendor sales.

    All merchants selling with our MYBAZAARCAR caravan are responsible for obtaining all applicable licenses and permits. All merchants are responsible for paying all applicable taxes for merchandise sold during  all events.

    4. Where will the events be located?

    Answer: We will  primarily be at operating at different weekend events around the valley. (Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe).